Event Case Study

6th June 2009 - Pilgrims Hospice Midnight Walk, Deal

We provided a full communications system and automatic position reporting system at this event. The communications system provided excellent coverage across the route, which proved a reliable network.

Pictured Above - Anne G4RJZ in Raynet Control

The automatic position reporting system allowed us to track the race back in control. We had a Raynet member on a bike in the Lead, and a walker at the Tail end. These were clearly maked on the large projector screen which was setup at the control base. This not only enabled us to track the race, but also gave information to the event organisers, and members of the public that were waiting for the walkers to return.

Lead - Declan M0TMX ready to use his push bike using a Yaesu VX8 with GPS Microphone and a ICOM IC-E92 for voice communications.

Tail - Catherine M1CVF walking using a Yaesu VX8 with GPS Microphone and a Kenwood TH-F7E for voice communications.
Catherine is worried about the forecasted heavy rain!

Below is a sreenshot taken in UIVIEW of the walk. You will see marked clearly the Lead and Tail, and also some of the Checkpoints.

Pictured above you can see "Tides" control at the Tides Leisure Centre, The Lead, Tail, and two of the checkpoints on a very detailed map of the area.


You can see from the screenshot above, that more information is available from the station, such as speed, and direction, which is most helpful on an event like this.

APRS is well used by South Kent Raynet.

We are happy to report that the Pilgrims Hospice raised much needed funds during this event.

South Kent Raynet would like to thank the South Kent Raynet volunteers for their assistance during this event, and also thank Thanet Raynet for there assistance.